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Crafted by Experts

A team of experts with more than 15 years of experience in the HR industry automation has worked on HRMarvel to make a user friendly and technically advanced HRM software.

Loaded with 100+ features

HRMarvel is built using a vast pool of industry experience, accoutered with all the possible features making all the HR department work automated on a single platform with 100 % adherence to compliances.

Built on world’s no.1 Technology

HRMarvel is built on the world’s most trusted and advanced technology, Microsoft, leveraging its advanced automation product Microsoft Dynamics AX, making HRMarvel 100% secured HRM software.

Why HRMarvel?

Are you still thinking about this amazing product?

Let us tell you the history about HRMarvel. HRMarvel is the advanced version of Microsoft Dynamics AX HR module, developed under the umbrella of BaffleSol Technologies after a lot of research with the Human Resources experts and gurus. HRMarvel has the capability of handling organizations spread across the world. Its unique features include competency mapping, accurate and real time reporting, supporting multiple languages and different currencies across the world. HRMarvel is being used and appraised by companies with global presence. 

HRMarvel is designed to fulfill your HRM needs, offers unrivaled customization options to: 

  • Streamline your hiring process 
  • Track and manage candidates online and 
  • Do much more! 

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