Which of the following correctly defines the Complex Story?


  • a A User Story that comprises of multiple shorter stories
  • b A User Story that users can mark as inactive
  • c User story that is inherently large and cannot easily be dis-aggregated into a set of constituent stories
  • d It is not a Story

Which of the following defines the splitting of a story or a feature into smaller, easier-to-estimate pieces?


  • a Decomposition
  • b Dis-aggregation
  • c Theme
  • d Epic

Name the XP technique where two people pair; one person who codes is the driver and the other person who thinks is the Navigator?


  • a Pair Programming
  • b Planning Poker
  • c Planning Technique
  • d Coding Technique

When should be the BEST time for the team to estimate a task?


  • a Throughout the Iteration
  • b During Iteration Planning
  • c Task estimates are decided by the Scrum Master
  • d At the time of Iteration Planning as well as during the iteration

Which of the following is NOT a principle from the Agile Manifesto?


  • a Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
  • b Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.
  • c Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design does not enhance agility.
  • d Working software is the primary measure of progress.

When can a plan be changed in Agile?


  • a At the end of the Iteration
  • b When we have learned something new
  • c At the Daily Meeting
  • d You cannot change once the plan is prepared

A Retrospective can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 1 hour. The duration of the Retrospective can be dependent on all of the following EXCEPT :


  • a Length of the Iteration
  • b Level of conflict or controversy
  • c Size of the team
  • d Seniority of the Product Owner

During which project management phase are the product stories delivered?


  • a Envision
  • b Speculate
  • c Explore
  • d Adapt

What are the planning horizons in the planning onion that the agile teams are majorly involved in an Agile project?


  • a Strategy, Portfolio, Product
  • b Product, Release, Iteration
  • c Release, Iteration, Day
  • d Product, Iteration, Day

In XP, the code goes through four levels of completion. Which of the following states the right sequence?


  • a Broken, Build, Ready for demo, Ready to release
  • b Build, Ready for demo, Broken, Ready to release
  • c Build, Ready for demo, Ready to release, Broken
  • d Broken, Build, Ready to release, Ready for demo

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