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Agile Quiz

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This Agile Quiz is carefully and selectively created by Agile expert Shuchi Singla. With this Quiz and we’ll help you analyse your Agile knowledge on basic and expert levels. Lets get started!

Agile Quiz

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  2. The quiz contains 10 questions.
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Q 1. The retrospective meeting on previous iteration should last not more than,

  • A30 minutes
  • B60 minutes
  • C10 minutes
  • D5 minutes

Q 2. What are the planning horizons in the planning onion that the agile teams are majorly involved in an Agile project?

  • AStrategy, Portfolio, Product
  • BProduct, Release, Iteration
  • CRelease, Iteration, Day
  • DProduct, Iteration, Day

Q 3. Name the XP technique where two people pair; one person who codes is the driver and the other person who thinks is the Navigator?

  • APair Programming
  • BPlanning Poker
  • CPlanning Technique
  • DCoding Technique

Q 4. Team A finished 43 story points in their last two-week iteration. Team B is working on a separate project and has twice as many developers. They also completed 43 story points in their last two-week iteration. What can you infer from this?

  • AThe story points of one team are not comparable to the story points of any other team.
  • BTeam A is twice as productive as Team B.
  • CTeam A should have more people on the team
  • DTeam B has the management support

Q 5. Having problems does not indicate a problem in itself, so welcome problems because they bring with them the chance for the team to overcome, grow, and become stronger together." As an Agile Coach, which are the multiple perspectives to analyse to detect the symptoms for the problem?

  • AProcess Level
  • BQuality and Performance Level
  • CTeam dynamics dimension
  • DAll of the above

Q 6. What is the outcome of a Sprint Planning Meeting?

  • ASprint Backlog
  • BProduct Backlog
  • CIteration Backlog
  • DNone of the above

Q 7. Which of the following is NOT a principle from the Agile Manifesto?

  • AOur highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
  • BBusiness people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.
  • CContinuous attention to technical excellence and good design does not enhance agility.
  • DWorking software is the primary measure of progress.

Q 8. There are different types of Retrospectives. These are Release Retrospectives, Project Retrospectives, Iteration Retrospectives and Surprise Retrospectives. What are Surprise Retrospectives?

  • AIs conducted when an unexpected event changes your situation
  • BIs conducted at the end of each Iteration
  • CIs conducted half way of each project
  • DIs suggested by the Scrum Master

Q 9. An agile plan becomes more accurate over time because:

  • Ait is constantly revised and trued up to the team's actual performance
  • BProject evolution allows progressive refinement of requirements
  • CAgile plans do not become more accurate over time
  • DDevelopers become better at estimating their work

Q 10. What do you mean by Throughput?

  • AIs the amount of production over time
  • BIs the number of features the team can develop in a particular amount of time.
  • CIs the number of features released during a Release
  • DIs the number of defects rectified during a Release

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